Ghostface Killah at Toastface Grillah – hipflask

Ghostface Killah at Toastface Grillah

We worked with some of our favourite people to make this happen - Ghostface Killah live in the alley at Toastface Grillah!

What can we say? We were pinching ourselves that we managed to bring this thing together. It's been a heck of a year, building the app and it was very cool to launch it like this. Luke, our designer, DJ'd with Rok Riley either side of the gig, Wisdom Tooth got up for a set to warm everyone up. Just as the shade moved onto the stage/flatbed, Ghostface Killah got up. 

We've got a video coming up soon!

If you're bummed that you missed this gig, please download the app, it is the only place that you will find out about further gigs like this. 

Peace homies. Be safe!

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