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Hiatus Kaiyote


Hiatus Kaiyote are a Melbourne foursome that will coax the liberal out of any conservative listener. Their music is self-described as “future soul”, a wonderfully simple description for such a complex sound. It’s jazzy, soulful and funky fresh noise, with just the right amount of electro and a beat that will always keep you guessing! If the constantly fluctuating, polyrhythmic groove doesn’t amaze you, the many instrumental layers, electro interludes and lead singer Nai Palm’s vocal acrobatics definitely will.

Choose Your Weapon along with previous albums, is a multi-dimensional collaboration of influences; a fusion of epic proportions! There is something beautifully thoughtful beneath the apparent spontaneity – harmonies dip low one minute before reaching high the next and rhythms swing slowly before accelerating full speed. It’s exactly this wild, uninhibited flow that elevates Hiatus Kaiyote to the next level…and anyone that listens!

Check out Breathing Underwater – Choose Your Weapon here
Appreciate them in person tomorrow night, 28 Aug 2015 at The Rosemount Hotel, North Perth tickets here

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