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Methods of Movement



We chatted with the crew from Methods of Movement about the monthly late night dance party that has ingrained itself into the fabric of Perths undercurrent of music appreciators – over a year on with its cosmic disco rhythms and soulful house grooves, the events are still packing crowds. Here’s why:


Methods has demonstrated some staying power. What’s motivating you guys to put these parties on?
Our passion for music is definitely what drives us most. Being able to bring some of our favourite artists to Perth for people to enjoy is the biggest reason we’ve kept at it for over a year now, and as long as people are coming out and enjoying the music we’re going to keep at it for years to come.


Freckles Vs Dimples?



If you were at one of those gigs, where people in the audience shout out words and a local rapper has to freestyle about said word, what 3 words would you choose?


Methods of Movement is on this Friday (Aug 28th) @ Gilkison Dance Studio – check here for more event info.

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