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Review: Rodney’s bait ‘n tackle

My good friend Nathan has teamed up with his mate Scott and they have opened what I’m going on the record as saying is the coolest bar that I have ever been to. Rodney’s bait and tackle is a light hearted and sincerely original small bar, in Mosman Park. Jump on the Fremantle line train and get off at Mosman park. Rodney’s is directly across the road from the train station.

11707986_1022846911082909_8428415010811582812_o-300x274Draught Sierra Nevada Pale Ale had me at hello and kept me til bubye. Friends I was with opted for a very reasonably priced, delicious Cab Merlot, but the real winner is Scotty’s home made olive tapenade. There’s a lot of good food behind the bar, and though I’m not a vego, I ordered the vego options because they looked so good. 

There’s a little stage in the front of the pub. Nathan’s taste in music is exquisite. He really influenced my taste in music when I first met him, so I’m really looking forward to seeing how the guys program the acts. There’s a piano in the pub too, it’s really something else. 

There’s a very comfortable outdoor area out the back but the thing that is going to get everyone talking, is the bar itself. The guys bought an old boat, chopped it up, and turned it into a bar. The day that Nath went around to pick the boat up, it sank. Not only is this a relaxed and original place to hang out, it is run by some of the biggest hearts you’ll find in this city. 

What are you waiting for? Skive off work, get your good self onto a train and get on out to Rodney’s Bait and Tackle.

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