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Shy Panther & Flower Drums

shypanther-1Sweet Gsus. Shy Panther are back for their first gig in a very long time. I was stoked at their post revivalist trip hop jams the first time I heard them, way back in the blurry old days. Structures and textures that push and pull, placing tension in a song, the way a good bartender puts the bitterness in my negroni. Always able to find a luscious resolution-rest-point, exactly when I didn’t know I needed it. Their music gives me the feels, proper, every time.

Later on, I heard Flower Drums for the first time. It was pretty clear that both bands were going to be awesome if they stuck together. Well I hadn’t heard Flower Drums for a long time – I saw them open for Kucka at The Bird a few months ago and I’m excited.

I’m stoked to put these great bands on, in Hipflask’s Old Dirty Basement (under Toastface Grillah). It’s a hipflask exclusive, so download the app and keep an eye out, to get your name on the door!

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