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Brazilian food truck – Comida Do Sul

We had a quick chat with Joel from Comida Do Sul just now about the important stuff. Food, dogs, surfing and…….

Joel says: “Prato Feito, our classic adaptation of the beans & rice dish. We grill fresh picanha (rump cap) serve with black beans & rice, garlic kale, salsa, fried cassava and farofa. This dish IS BRAZIL!”


Yo Joel, we know that there are two types of people on this planet – people who love the Dockers, and people who pretend that they don’t love the Dockers. Which one are you?

We live in Freo so you know it! Paint those streets purple! **Joel actually sent his responses back to me in purple!

What does the name mean and why is it significant to you?

Comida Do Sul translates to food of the south, its kinda a slang way of saying food of South America aka Brazil. We represent the Brazilian vibes in Perth.
It’s obvious that this is a business that is run with love and I imagine that there is a lot going on behind the scenes: How do you spend a typical work day?

Wake up and have a good day! start with a cup of milky tea, give the dog a pat, water the succulents on the porch, drive to work pick up a frothy latte, hit the warehouse, turn on the tunes and get the trucks ready for the day’s service. If the crew are working Dani and I will sit at the computer punching out mails working on new locations and marketing. We are always looking into the future, new ideas etc. We have just started a new brazilian frozen food line called tropicalia foods which we hope to have in the bars and restaurants of Perth!

When you’re not working on Comida do Sul, what can we find you doing?
Well thats a funny question as we live and breathe Comida! We walk our baby girl staffy mina. go surfing and recently did an epic bush walk through the Kalbarri Gorge. Travel is also the key to life! Just spent 4 weeks in Sri Lanka, what a place! 

Amen! Now I’m hungry and craving a little mission. Where are you guys going to be at lunch time tomorrow?




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