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Interview: Polyester Galaxy

What is Polyester Galaxy and when did it start?
Polyester Galaxy is a store to fulfil all your #aesthetic needs, and started way back in 2011. Originally, I was just selling vintage clothing and accessories all around Perth at vintage markets, and it has slowly evolved into what it is now.

Why did you start PG and what inspired you to create it?
I think what inspired me to start PG started way back when I started op shopping for the first time. I would constantly find something that didn’t quite fit, and so would be forced to alter things to get them to how I wanted. I would also somehow always stumble upon free 2nd hand fabric, so I decided to have a go at making my own clothes, too. I think that’s what inspired me to start selling vintage, realising that there was a lot of clothes out there that people really liked but the fit wouldn’t be quite right, or it just needed a bit of love. Definitely what PG is now is heavily inspired by all the art and fashion you see all over tumblr, the sort of stuff that never really makes it to Perth. I really love 90’s and I am strongly influenced by nostalgia, but I’m also vey influenced by vapourware art and by a lot of fashion you see coming out of Japan.

With the amount of online stores nowadays, what is the value of having a real physical location, particularly in Perth?
I think online stores are great, but they really lack the option for people to try clothes on and properly see how they would fit. They can also be a bit soulless, and lack any of the charm of a physical ‘brick & mortar’ store. So I think my shop will really offer an easy way for people to see clothes and really get a feel for them, and it also has a really unique atmosphere that online stores can’t offer. Lastly, there’s also a heap of art and zines in my shop from local Perth folk, which I think gives my shop a more local and personal feel and helps make it a cute creative hub.

What have you got planned for the future?
For 2015 it’s going to be about making my pop up as rad as it can be while it’s still here, and if all goes well, I’m hoping to be able to make it a permanent thing! I’m definitely also keen to really work hard to refine my online store once I have my pop up 100% sorted out, and making my Instagram bigger and better than ever

Tell us about the launch.
Launch date will be on the 16th of October and the official first day of trading will be the 17th October. For the launch I am going to have a local DJ, drinks, and heaps of clothes and accessories for sale. It’s also just going to be a real chill time, for people to come hang out and have some chats. There will also of course be art and zines for sale, and art by artist ALEX on all the walls. I’m really looking forward to it, and above everything I just hope everyone has a good time :^) For more info, checkout the hipflask event right here.

Instagram: @polyestergalaxy

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