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New Venue: The Garage

We know you love new things around town so we wanted to share this lil doozy with you.
J’aime gave us an insight to this new space in Osborne Park, set to blow your socks off.

Tell us about The Garage what is its main focus/vibe?
The Garage venue is a newly revamped small venue and multi use space that is available for gigs, private functions and any other great ideas people may have for the space. We’ll also be hosting our own gigs showcasing local bands. I’d say the vibe aesthetically is a bit Fringe World meets Wolf Lane meets warehouse space.

Are you excited about the revamp?
Very excited! It’s been a really fun process and we’re looking forward to sharing it with everyone!

We love the artists you have chosen in regards to the murals, talk us through the process.
Thank you. The space has new murals painted by talented local Perth artists Hannah Atcheson, Harvey Jackson, Smij Smyth, James Giddy and Elliot Green. The process of finding artists was easy as I already co-own The Corner Gallery in Subiaco and have been fortunate enough to meet a bunch of great artists. The artists that we had on board had freedom to choose their own designs and were lovely to work with.

What advantages does an intimate venue have?
Performers can connect with an audience in a much deeper and more dynamic way. Audience members also get to feel like they’re part of something special that only a certain number of people got to experience.

Future plans/exciting events coming up?
The launch party is on Saturday October 24th with 5 local bands playing through out the night. The bands are Psychedelic Porn Crumpets, Sex Panther, Sly Withers, Segue Safari and The Desert Sonnes. After that we’ll be planning more gigs and looking at putting on other interesting events making use of the space.

More info on the launch here

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