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Riley Pearce

Riley Pearce 1 (Photo by Tanya Voltchanskaya) 300dpi

Riley Pearce is only 22, but is already is taking both the Perth and National live music scene by storm due to his incredible ability to connect with the audience and an aura that captivates his crowd.
This mesmerising Folk/Roots/Acoustic vocalist has big things coming up so keep your ears peeled.

Ok, so you’ve been pretty productive in the past year, what’s your trick to balancing all your different projects/life?
I like keeping myself busy and doing things I’m passionate about. This semester has definitely been tough, studying, touring, releasing music and managing but it’s all good fun and when you’re passionate about it then it often doesn’t feel like work. I try to stay super organised too so I don’t get overwhelmed

& to chill?
I’m a massive basketball fan, I’ll either be watching it or playing it. If not, taking the dogs to the beach is always on the cards. We also recently got a hammock in the backyard so I will soon add hammock naps to that list.

You recently finished an east coast tour so you’ve got quite a few gigs under your belt now, talk me through your most memorable gig to date…
Bad memory – breaking a string first song of the first show of a tour I did with Kim Churchill…. He’s an absolute legend though and was changing my string side of stage whilst I borrowed his guitar. Good gig memory – first EP launch was hard to go past…. Was kind of a “wow Riley, look what you’ve just done” type moment.

What inspired the video behind ‘Brave’?
I wrote that a few weeks before heading to Montana for six months. It’s about the inevitable separation that comes from leaving for long periods of time and missing loved ones. I wanted people to relate to the video, and I think for a lot of people – especially with the FIFO scene that WA has.

How was Montana?
Montana was pretty extraordinary, some of the mountains and picturesque landscapes were unreal.

What’s coming up? Where can we catch your sweet tunes live?
Got a run of really fun WA shows, a new EP out early 2016 & a SW and east coast tour.

So I like talking about food, tell me your ultimate food day…
Funny you ask cos I’ve thought about it in depth recently… Breakfast is a toughy, probs just a bacon, hash brown and BBQ sauce toasty. Lunch would probably be pasta or Nandos because ribs would be the best meal for dinner, with a glass of Salmon Fry (Montana craft beer that I’m still trying to find in Australia) to be followed by ice cream – standard Neapolitan – nothing exciting, then some macadamia nut cookies at some point during the day.


Catch more information on tours here including a show at the Astor Theatre this Sunday, listen to his sweet tunes here and check out the video for ‘Brave‘ here.

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