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Wave Rock

By Mike O’Hanlon
I had to drive the van for CLAUDIO and Kiasmos to take them out to Wave Rock. What is it now? 3 weeks ago? The drive was excellent. I’d been out to Wave Rock, for the weekender, once before, quite some time ago. Maybe 6 years ago. I was looking forward to the drive because I remember it being a good road and I’m one of those people who enjoy driving.

We hired a Hyundai iLoad. I think that is the craziest name for a vehicle that I have ever heard. They should have just called it a Hyundai NSFW. Anyway, it was a beauty of a grey thing, like a dugong really. We swayed down that country road, right on the speed limit.
We stopped for lollies and a pee about half way. That was pretty great. I spoke to some motorcyclists whilst Rach (CLAUDIO) showed Janis and Olafur (Kiasmos) how to order a golden gaytime at a servo.

Janis and Olafur are interesting guys. I had never met anyone from Iceland before meeting them. All I know about Iceland is that Bjork comes from there and that some nasty individuals really made things shitty there for a while, around 2008. I did my best not to talk about Bjork. Funnily though, the only album on my phone, is Bjork’s latest, so every time I plugged my phone into the car, to charge, Bjork came on.

I bet that they thought this was my way of ‘reaching out’. I didn’t want to draw attention to it, so I didn’t speak about it. We did end up talking about Iceland a little bit. Rach asked the guys if Icelandic people feel as warmly toward Bjork as the rest of us do. The answer seems to be ‘yes’.

We got to the rock and bumped CLAUDIO onto stage essentially straight away. I don’t know how to write about her music. I feel that I’d open the flood gates of adjectives and you just wouldn’t believe me. A bunch of people got an earload, so you can ask your mates about it.

Honeymoon Landing is my favourite song of hers. Sweet lord, it’s like being baptised in cloves and honey. I had a smoke with a few close friends and we wrapped our arms around each other like soccer players. Nice times.

After CLAUDIO’s set, Kiasmos wanted to get to the accomodation to have a nap before their set. I was still feeling the buzz from whatever was in that ciggy so I did the only sensible thing that could be done: I got everyone to walk around in the bush, climbing up dead trees and taking photos. I was seriously losing my shit. “oh man, this is so beautiful’ The sun was low in the sky, there was a supermoon(!) low in the sky on the other edge of the horizon. Hot damn.

Kiasmos play sublime music. It’s the right stuff to wrap a festival like Wave Rock to. Upbeat mellow vibes.There’s a lot of attention going into the arrangements and the recordings. And the old dork in me had to ask a few questions about how they get that piano sound. Their live show includes a tasty light show too. The guys were really cool about the fact that the Wave Rock gig didn’t have the big lighting rig that they were used to. They really turned it up.

We had to split, early the next morning so that we could get the guys to the airport, but the Wave Rock Weekender had opened them up like smoke does a banksia seed. Olafur had a big smile on and Janis was remarking out loud about the beauty that he sees in our country. Takes one to know one buddy.

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