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Sight of Sound Society: James Taylor

James Taylor aka. Moe aka. Moeses is a treasure.
Not only is he a rad guy, his candid and colourful photography successfully captures the mad vibes emitting from the local, live music scene. Though the psychedelic haze, we are able recognise the value of these raw moments in time and appreciate them again and again… and again.

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How would you describe Sight of Sound Society?
Sight Of Sound Society is a project formed to support & focus on local music in Perth using photos, visual arts & design posters. The Project was formed by my good friend Glenn Palmer, who started designing posters in his spare time for fun & put together the first ‘Sight Of Sound Society’ gig at The Bird with The Wheelers of Oz, Mt Mountain & Silver Hills on the lineup.

At that time I had been shooting local/international bands for about a year. Accumulating photos, I needed a good way to display them. That’s where Glenn approached me and asked to contribute my photos to the page/flickr. We both then collaborated on the second Project ‘Sight Of Sound,’ a 21 page zine & exhibition, which purely features local Perth artists.

What led you down the path that you have taken and what inspired you to start? 
From memory It all started off using a small point & shoot camera (Yashica T4) that i took with me to a Brian Jonestown massacre gig about 2 years ago. I got a few photos back off the roll of film and I was instantly hooked shooting film & live music.

Something about light/emotion from the subject truly keeps me inspired.

Whats the most memorable gig you’ve been to? Or any funny moments over the years?

Theirs so many memorable gigs, I’d have to say, the Gizz fest at the Rosemount with Hideous Sun Demon supporting the King Gizzard dudes. I had a roll of film loaded that was on the last 5 shots, (did have a bit to drink / a few other things), Anyway I finished the roll, got onto Loading the next roll as per-normal, continued to shoot the rest of the gig thinking everything was fine, Until I picked up my film from the developers, to Find out I hadn’t loaded the second roll properly and didn’t get 1 photo off it. The best thing to come out of the ordeal was 1 of the 5 shots taken of HSD  i used for the Sight Of Sound Zine, its been named “Reggae Jake”.

Who is/are your favourite acts in Perth at the moment?
At the moment I’m really vibing on Dougals CasinoThe SpunlovesMoisteoyster, Kitchen People, The Pissedcolas, Doctopuss, Wheelers of OzMt Mountain, Mudlark & The Darlingrangers – all have the elements of sound that I enjoy.

Any last words or advice?
Sight Of Sound Vol.2 is in the works.
Keep Being True to yourself.
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