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Paradise Circus


‘Paradise Circus,’ an exhibition by Matt Wright, is a dizzyingly beautiful arrangement capturing the female figure within an accurate portrayal of life – enigmatic and passionate.

Using different blends of acrylic, charcoal and graphite, urban landscapes lurk in the background of a poolside daydream as we are invited to wistfully surrender ourselves to this world of utopia of chaos.

Created with strong lines but defined with wistful expression of powerful colour these somewhat personal representations entice us into a voyeuristic lull and wake us up with harsh, obscure text –  purposely open-ended to invite the viewer to draw their own conclusions of the narrative.

Matt exudes the skill of a weathered artist after only painting for a year and a half. This exhibition forms the first public display of his work as a visual artist.

At The Bird. Now showing until the 3rd of May. Check it.

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