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unnamedWanna watch NBA legends Steph Curry and Shaq O’Neal lip sync Ed Sheeran? Yeh same.

Listen up.
You’ve heard of Snapchat, you’ve heard of Tumblr, you (may) have heard of Ello

Well we reckon this is the next big thing in the way of apps and we think we know a thing or two about the subject. makes it seamlessly easy to create videos with specific audio. You can select from the millions of tracks or use music from your own device.

So pretty much you can take two routes; create lip sync videos (viable) OR realise that you have a new platform to successfully share your music with the masses.

Young bands – we’re looking at you. We are waiting with bated breath for you Millennial/Gen Z -ers to grasp this new tech by the horns, educate us and give us what we need (re: new music).

It also has cool video effects (filters, fast + slow motion, time machine stuff we have all become accustomed to) an easy sharing platform for other social media and the ability to save vids to your camera roll.

We’re pretty excited to see what this online community brings.

Download here.