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Good Company Records


Hipflask sat down with Andrew Sinclair (Sinco) the legend from Good Company who, with his partners Nik and Perri, have just launched Good Company Records to compliment their already established record store and promotion work.
We chatted about the essentials and the development of Perth’s cultural identity

I remember back in the day when I knew you as the drummer from Erasers. What was your first foray into the local music scene?
Erasers actually grew out of the first band i played in, Shock! Horror! The name says it all really. We we’re very young, very naive & way too ambitious. Like all first bands i guess. I don’t play in Erasers anymore but they are still making music and it is some of the best music right now.

Are there particular pieces of technology that you favour when it comes to making and distributing music?
When it comes to making music the ear, mind & soul are still the most essential technologies. If those things are working together in harmony then you can make magic out of anything, with anything. And when it comes to distributing music, it’s obviously very easy to push music far & wide with things like soundcloud and bandcamp, which are essential for any self promoting musician, but good word of mouth is key! If you can get good people talking about your shit, you’ve got it made.

Good Company has hosted and co-hosted some of the most enjoyable parties in Perth over the last few years. How are you guys likely to split your time between putting on gigs and producing recordings?
It’s pretty simple actually, just people power. Nik Patterson is the man responsible for making the parties what they are, alongside Jack Faulkner of The Monarchy, who we collaborate on with le Club. Perri Basile holds it down at the record store, which leaves me to focus on the label. We all contribute ideas and work to all aspects of the biz, but when you boil it down that’s how we are doing it and keeping all 3 things as good as they can be.

What would you like to see happen in the local music industry or the music industry as a whole, to compliment the work you’re putting in?
There’s lots of little things I would like to see happen but the basic goal is to enrich the cultural identity of this city through the power of music. That means helping people be more open-minded, helping artists understand where they fit in this world, helping them develop their own musical identity, then trying as hard as you can to take their art to the rest of the world.
I also want to make sure the people here get to enjoy musical experiences rich & unique to us as a people.


Check out their Hugo Gerani, their debut artist to sign to the label.